Innovative Digital Workflows for the Modern Day Dental Practice  

3 CE Credits

The world of digital dentistry is evolving at speeds never witnessed before in the dental industry. The Aurum Group is committed to being at the forefront of the digital frontier in order to provide the highest quality of dental products to their dentists.

Course Objectives:

  • The attendees will leave with a good understanding of the latest digital materials and products that are impacting today’s dental practice.
  • How digital dentistry is changing the face of how dental practices interface with their patients, referral network, and laboratory.
  • Why digital is nothing to be afraid of and how to leverage it for your patient’s benefit.
  • The differences between intraoral scanning technologies and how to implement them seamlessly into the clinical workflow.
  • 3D printing and its role in manufacturing dental applications.
  • Future implications of digital dentistry.



Chris Kabot is a digital dentistry expert based out of Detroit, specializing in additive manufacturing/3D Printing and digitizing the dental lab/practice. He is currently the Manager of Digital Dentistry at the dental manufacturing powerhouse, Core3D Centres. Previously he was the Applications Engineer for the inventor of the 3D printer, 3D Systems, as well as the Dental Applications Manager for Detroit-based 3D printing company EnvisionTec. 

In his spare time, Chris loves teaching these innovative technology workflows to young dental professionals and dental students that will be crafting the smiles of the future. Getting the youth of the dental industry to adopt these transformative digital workflows is essential to the future oral care of people around the world.  

Previously, Chris pioneered one of the first 3D printed surgical systems for oral and maxillofacial surgeries known as Ibur BioSystems (inventor of the stackable guide), where he was the Director of Business, Product, and Regulatory Development. This ground breaking technology allows for doctors to carry out complex surgeries easier than ever before, making the patient outcomes safe, affordable, and predictable. There is nothing like seeing a patient get a complete smile make-over allowing them to get back their quality of life back.  

Prior to his positions at 3D Systems, EnvisionTec, and Ibur, he was a lab-rat for his family owned orthodontic practice & lab where he learned the building blocks of dentistry. Seeing how digital can transform every facet of the dental business gave him the motivation to dedicate his career to these technologies.