Dr. Andrew Johnson

Disrupting Dentures: A Patient Flow for the Future

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As is the nature of all things new, the motivations for adopting an emerging technology must extend beyond novelty alone if a tipping point is ever reached, if an industry is ever changed. The battle between mainstay and modern solutions is usually won with improvements in cost, quality and/or convenience. In the course of his presentation, Dr. Johnson will demonstrate how these factors are reflected in the ever-evolving materials and methods utilized in our past, present and future denture workflows but more importantly how they can align as an opportunity to truly revolutionize dentistry for all.

Key Objectives:

1. Compare and contrast traditional denture procedures with digital processes.

2. Learn how to repurpose existing technologies and techniques to suit the digital age.

3. Appreciate the impact of digital clinical and laboratory practice on the traditional treatment flow.

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Dr. Andrew C. Johnson completed his general dental (2010) and prosthodontic training (2013) at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis and now operates a multi-disciplinary private practice in Rogers, AR. Along with his specialist certificate, Dr. Johnson earned a post-doctoral master’s degree in dental science researching CAD/CAM restorative techniques and emerging digital dental materials.

Dr. Johnson maintains certifications from both the American Board of Prosthodontics and the National Board for Dental Laboratory Technology, and remains active in dental academics as an adjunct professor and research facilitator with the UTHSC Advanced Prosthodontics Program. Dr. Johnson has been published in multiple scientific dental journals and lectures internationally on a variety of technological developments in dentistry. He consults for a wide range of dental clinicians, suppliers, manufacturers, and developers as a thought leader in prosthodontic technology integrations.

As a board-certified surgical prosthodontist and denture technician, his clinical practice centers around complex dental implant and prosthetic reconstruction, start to finish—from three-dimensional imaging, virtual treatment planning and computer-guided surgery, to digital prosthesis design, production workflow and long-term complication management. However, his broader professional interests include process scaling, provider calibration, and dental mindset disruption.